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Update 03/19/17: Due to the sudden increase in orders, I will not be taking any new orders until I get these orders out the door. Check back in a couple of weeks, thanks!

Update 03/15/17: There was a problem with the 4 BAR map sensors so the kits have been reverted back to the 3 BAR GM sensor which is known to be reliable. Options have changed and more accurate price display for the m20 pnp ms2. M20 MS3 kits have been discontinued, all orders placed prior to this day will be shipped when they are ready, but no new orders will be taken for the M20 MS3 kits.

Update 10/30/16: All units with MAP sensors now come factory with an external 4 BAR map sensor. Options have changed for the m20 pnp ms2.

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M20/M30/S38 PnP MS2

Installation Guide

Waste Spark Upgrade

Option to upgrade your ignition system to distributorless ignition. Physically enables the option to run in single coil mode or in waste spark coil mode.

Integrated Output - In the harness connector, cleanest install, difficulty level 8/10.

External Pigtail Output - Literally hanging from the unit with a connector set, so you make your own harness to a coil pack. Difficulty level 3/10.


All PnP EMS kits come with a pre-loaded tune for stock settings. Fuel and ignition tables are not calibrated, so that will need to be done. No wiring necessary with the full PNP kits, Install can be done in under 10 minutes.



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